Industry-Leading Trade-In Solutions

Clover Wireless provides private label trade-in solutions for wireless carriers, retailers, OEMs and corporate customers. All of Clover Wireless’ trade-in solutions can be implemented à la carte or managed through our vertically integrated, closed loop approach to optimize and streamline the mobile device supply chain.

Powering all of our trade-in solutions is our industry-leading custom trade-in platform. This cloud-based platform is flexible, stable and scalable and provides multi-channel, currency and language support. Third party integration via standard APIs, timely product releases and easy onboarding enables the Clover Wireless platform to support a wide-range of customer needs regardless of IT infrastructure.

Clover Wireless Closed Loop Trade-In & Buyback Solutions

Supporting Integrated Device Trade-In, Repair and Reclamation, and Remarketing

Clover Wireless develops and manages innovative customized trade-in and buyback solutions, including repair and reclamation services, that deliver devices back into the supply chain faster than the competition. Based on program metrics, Clover Wireless is able to forecast device returns and integrate into customers’ demand planning resulting in more efficient and streamlined inventory management and logistics.

Cross-Channel Solutions

Wireless Carriers

  • Multi-channel solutions – retail, e-commerce and corporate
  • Private label cloud-based system
  • Integrated into lost/stolen phone database
  • Robust promotional module
  • Multi-language & multi-currency
  • APIs for integration into your point-of-sale system
  • Guaranteed data removal
  • Extensive reporting
  • Pick, pack and ship module that tracks inventory in-store, in-transit and received at the trade-in center
  • RapidQuote module
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  • Private label, turnkey solutions
  • Mail-in or take-in store redemption options
  • Multiple reward options including gift card, check or instant discounts
  • APIs for integration into buy flow
  • Cost-free shipping for end user
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
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Corporate Buyback

  • Maximum value recovered for mobile devices
  • CorporateRenew Portal – automates buyback process
  • Serialized tracking
  • Guaranteed data removal
  • Customized logistics
  • Cost-free shipping
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Environmental sustainability reporting
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Global Support Services

Unsurpassed Device Repair & Reclamation

Clover Wireless’ repair and reclamation services are unsurpassed. With the largest mobile device repair center in North America and a team of over 12,000 dedicated Repair Technicians, Engineers and support personnel, Clover Wireless use its precision repair services and heavy reclamation capabilities to restore devices to "like new" condition– minimizing waste and maximizing value for customers.

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Guaranteed Data Removal

Clover Wireless uses the latest automated data sanitization tools to ensure the removal of all personal data from each device. You will be provided a detailed report by serial number verifying the successful removal of all data.

Customized Logistics

Clover Wireless will create a customized logistics plan to support your trade-in or buyback program. Simplifying logistics, tracking and reporting is at the root of our programs.

Environmental Solutions

Clover Wireless’ environmental stewardship programs are certified from the leading organizations and our environmental practices are validated by third parties.

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