Mission & Core Values


Clover Wireless is focused on delivering cost-effective, creative supply chain solutions for mobile device carriers, manufacturers, retailers, insurance providers and enterprise businesses. In a fast moving, technologically changing and developing global market, we are committed to continual investment into technology and innovation to meet and exceed our customers’ highest quality and environmental standards.

Core Values

Clover Wireless’ core values are the building blocks upon which we have built our business. They are embodied in the way we manage our business, treat our associates and serve our valued customers.

Environmental Sustainability

Clover Wireless is steadfastly committed to conserving natural resources and preserving the environment by providing customers with environmentally sustainable solutions.

Relentless Customer Commitment

Our number one priority is serving our customers. Every person within the Clover Wireless organization is focused on understanding our customers’ needs and ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

Superior Quality & Value

Clover Wireless works diligently to improve the quality and value of the products and services we offer through technological innovation, automation and streamlining the recovery, reclamation and disposition process.